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Ali El-Shayeb
3 min readJun 23, 2021

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Soci is a fintech startup making investing social. We’re founded by serial entrepreneurs with deep expertises in finance and building technology companies.

Why are we doing this now?

‌Over the internet, it’s hard to figure out who is actually “making good calls” or “experienced” in the markets. Thousands of Youtube channels, discord servers, stock forums, and the like are filled with con-artists and scammers in already hard-to-navigate territory. It’s become very hard for the average joe to find themselves in an equal playing field with the rest of the market. The stats speak for themselves, 90% of traders lose money in the markets.

Behavioral Economist Richard Thaler has written about a concept called mental accounting, a bias investors are highly prone to. Moreover, the effects of cognitive dissonance also prevent investors from acting rationally.

What inspired the idea?

Soci’s Founder and CEO, Ali El-Shayeb, has been an investor for over 6 years. He was able to grow a $50k family fund into over $1m last year, through top-down research identifying explosive companies and algorithmic trading strategies. He was one of the earliest investors in companies like Nio (NYSE: NIO) investing from US $3.00 and Peak Fintech (CSE: PKK) investing from under CAD $2, pre-split.

In the process, he found himself helping friends and family build wealth in the markets. Soci was an idea to automate his portfolio by providing real-time alerts on his trades, backed by performance from his linked brokerage account. That quickly grew to hundreds of investors seeking access to pro trading insights and elite portfolio management strategies.

Today, Ali leads Soci’s portfolio fund as its principal multi-asset trader, investing in software, semiconductor, and electric vehicle companies. The fund has grown over 120% YTD, while hundreds of investors have benefited tremendously from his trading powress.

The power of social

The need to invest confidently is more important than ever. We’re building a movement of curious, more self-aware, and much more relaxed investors.

Our mission: Help anyone make money in the markets.

You can start by following Soci’s portfolio fund (details below). Soon, we’ll be inviting other top traders and investors specializing in other areas of the markets to follow. Over time, we’ll begin to build powerful financial tools to help you grow and manage your money, gamify the process, and bring elite investment strategies to anyone.

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Soci is for anyone who wants to make money in the markets and access to elite investment strategies. You can follow our fund by signing up on our website or email to join. Enter the referral code NET251 to save 50% off your second month!

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May the markets be with us all. Till next time 👊