Automated trading is here with Alpaca

Ali El-Shayeb
4 min readApr 20, 2022

We founded Soci to help anyone make money in the markets and invest more confidently. Up until now, we’ve been giving users the opportunity to follow our investment portfolio in real-time by receiving alerts through sms, discord, or email when we place trades. This has, so far, allowed us to share our investment knowledge with the world, backed by performance from our linked brokerage accounts. Today we manage a community of over 200 users of which over 40% are following our trades and portfolio.

With a mission to create the most powerful investment platform that helps anyone make money in the markets, our next product evolution is a natural extension to everything that we started building. The future of Soci lies in Automation + Social trading, so we’re shaking up how we do things in a major way.

Automated trading is here! 🎉

We launched automated trading to help investors and traders put their portfolios on autopilot. Today, anyone subscribed to our portfolio can automate their trades with our partner broker, Alpaca. If you’re an Alpaca customer just type /soci alpaca inside our discord server to authorize Soci — it’s that simple! Just set it, and forget it.

Not an Alpaca customer? Create an account in less than 10 minutes.‍‍


Automate your trades in 5 mins

To get started, you’ll first need an account with Alpaca. If you’re not already subscribed to Soci, you can do so here. You’ll also need to join our Discord server and authenticate your profile with our bot, Sofia in order to access Soci’s server commands. Inside Discord, message Sofia Finance#8948 with /soci subscribe and follow the steps until you receive a final success message. You will need to validate your account subscription with your phone number or email. If you’ve reached this step, then your account is fully set up and you can connect your Alpaca account with Soci. Message Sofia with /soci alpaca, and Sofia will respond with an authorization link. Click on the link to connect your account (make sure you’re signed in to Alpaca), and voila! Your account should have granted Soci trade in your Alpaca account.

We get it, this might seem scary leaving your money in the hands of someone or a robot. We’re giving you full visibility throughout the trading process, so you can opt-in to receive intermediary notifications to authorize each trade via sms or discord. By default, you will will receive confirmation messages to authorize each trade.

Note: you can opt out of confirmation messages through the notifications command inside our Discord server. Type /soci notifications to manage your notification preferences.

Why is automation such a big deal?

Think about the time it takes to read a text message, understand the calculations, open your brokerage app, login, find the stock, place the order details including quantity, price, etc., and then repeat several times a week or every day. We realize that our investors are busy people. With automated trading, we’re able to help you gain visibility on our portfolio while giving you more time back in your day.

Your data is powerful — and no one should access it without your permission. For that reason, our security practices are designed to meet or exceed industry standards.

Data encryption: Your data is encrypted at all time, at rest and in transit using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). We don’t store any personal identifiable information in our databases.

Full visibility: Engrained in our user experience, we’re providing granular controls at each step of the process to ensure every action or trade you place is authorized with full intent. Manage your notification preferences from inside Discord.

Cloud infrastructure: We use secure cloud infrastructure technologies to help enable you to connect, manage, and retrieve data quickly and securely.

What if I don’t have an Alpaca account or can’t create one?

Soci still works in the same way it always has. Automated trading is just the icing on top. If you’re following our portfolio without an Alpaca account, you will receive sms or discord notifications (based on your notification preferences) on our trades in real-time.

Alpaca is global, so anyone can create an account. See this tutorial to learn more.

What’s next…

We recognize that not everyone trades with Alpaca so we’re hard at work connecting to as many brokerages as possible to ensure that Soci is accessible to all. Broker connections to Interactive Brokers, Webull, and Robinhood are coming up next!

We’re also working hard to diversify your investment options. We know that each investor has their own appetite for risk, time horizon, thematic principles, and investment preferences. For that, we’re building algorithms tailored to different investor risk levels and partnering with other top Traders and Investors to diversify into other asset classes. Applications are open, Apply today!

Get Involved!

We’re building a movement of curious, more self-aware, and much more relaxed investors. Don’t forget to join the conversation inside our discord server where we talk about everything money, finance, stocks, and wealth building tips. For questions or comments, message

Till next time ✌️‍